Restaurant Petiscas - Arcozelo - Ponte de Lima

Founded in 2013

terrinaWelcome to our restaurant webpage!

Called "Petiscas" in honor of a great cook of this land.

Here you can sample traditional snacks, a petinga, as pataniscas, os rojões, ... together with a comprehensive menu.

The wine list, with more than thirty brands, is a selection of the best that is produced in Portuguese lands. With the Minho wine, Dão, Douro and Alentejo you will find the right to accompany your dish.

We can only recommend the Sarrabulho rice, our cod dishes and our "Petiscas Veal Steak".

You will always be satisfied with your choice.

Thank you in advance for your visit

The management


Largo da Alegria
4990-240 Ponte de Lima


Open at 11 h and close at 16 h
Reopens at 18 h and close at 24 h
Closed on Mondays


Phone:   + 351 258 931 347
Mobile: + 351 964 514 947
Mobile: + 351 964 006 607